jGames – jQuery library for interactive experiments

jGames is a small library of jQuery functions and PHP scripts that are designed to make it easier to program interactive psychological or economic experiments. After regularly programming experiments from scratch for my own research in Python or PHP, I started to write this library, since many of the tasks needed in interactive experiments (e.g. public goods games, contest games, or bargaining games) are very similar across projects.
The functions carry out regular procedures, like writing/reading data to a database, a routine for waiting for other participants, interactively showing or hiding content, measuring reaction times, checking input of users for errors, or viewing the progress of participants on an experimenter screen. One advantage of using jQuery in combination with PHP is that experiments can run on a standard Apache server with a mySQL database (compared to, for example, o-Tree, which requires Django, a more sophisticated web framework).
As a disclaimer, these scripts have not been written with the intention to provide a full-fledged, easy-to-use solution, like o-Tree or z-Tree. There might be still bugs and some functions could be programmed more elegantly or more user-friendly. I still thought I share the plugin here, as it made me much more efficient in setting up my own experiments and may be of some use for people who already have some background knowledge in HTML, PHP, and jQuery.
The code is available for download, but a manual and example code is currently still work in progress.